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Bergamot and Cholesterol Research


Bergamot and Cholesterol Research

By Leslie Seaton from Seattle, WA, USA (Bergamot) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Common


I located the following human studies of citrus bergamot and cholesterol:

A 2011 study titled  Hypolipemic and hypoglycaemic activity of bergamot polyphenols: from animal models to human studies involved both people and lab rats. It involved 237 people who were followed for 30 days. The people were divided into 3 groups:

  • Group A received 500 mg of bergamot per day before meals
  • Group B received 1000 mg of bergamot per day before meals
  • Group C received a placebo before meals

After the study researchers noted that bergamot caused a “strong reduction” in total cholesterol and LDL (bad cholesterol) and a significant increase in HDL (good cholesterol). A significant reduction in triglycerides was also seen. No significant changes were seen in those getting the placebo.

“ A strong reduction may not necessarily be a significant reduction. I thought some of the words used in this study were vague. Since this was an Italian study, this could be due to language differences between cultures. I recommend that doctors read the study for themselves. There was also a 4th group who had to stop taking their statin medications (cholesterol-lowering drugs) because of muscle pain and other side effects. They were given 1500 mg per day. This group showed saw a 25% reduction in total cholesterol and a 27.5% reduction in LDL (bad cholesterol) levels.  No negative side effects were reported.“

In this study, those taking 1000 mg per day responded better than those getting 500 mg per day. This study also reported that bergamot improved vasodilation of the blood vessels. In other words, the blood vessels more easily opened up to allow for better blood flow. Because of this finding, I predict bergamot will be used in “male performance” supplements as well as “pre workout” supplements.”

In a 2013 study published in the International Journal of Cardiology that lasted 30 days, 1000 mg of bergamot, given to people with high cholesterol levels, was shown to significantly reduce total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides while, at the same time, raising HDL (good cholesterol). Specifically, after 1 month of use, here is what the researchers found:

  • The average total cholesterol dropped from 278 to 191.
  • Levels of LDL decreased from an average of 191 to 113.
  • Triglyceride levels dropped from 238 to 165.
  • Levels of HDL increased from 38 to 45.

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Bergamot is a citrus fruit/orange commonly grown in Calabria, Italy. It’s about the size of an orange, with a bitter taste.The bitterness of the fruit actually helps make Bergamot so remarkable and naturally lower cholesterol. Naringenin, a constituent in Bergamot that scientists have isolated gives citrus fruits their bitter taste and also provides a variety of health benefits.

Naringenin is known to increase antioxidant activity, which protects cells from oxidative stress. Antioxidants keep the body safe from free radicals and reduce the risk for diseases such as cancer and heart disease. While preventing harmful effects caused by free radicals is a major health benefit, scientists are more interested in the statin-like qualities of naringenin and other compounds in Bergamot. Researchers have been able to isolate 3-hydroxymethylyglutaryl flavonoid glycosides in citrus bergamot polyphenolic extract. These compounds exhibit an ability to inhibit cholesterol production in the liver, similarly to statin medicines.

Statin medicines can cause a variety of negative side effects: anything from headaches and nausea to drug interactions that may be cause further health risks. Statins slow the enzyme that causes cholesterol production, and they help clear LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream. Statins also help slow the formation of plaques, which cause blockage or arteries and reduce blood flow to extremities. When blood flow to the heart is blocked and reduced, the risk for heart disease and heart attack are greatly increased. Research shows that bergamot contains the same cholesterol reducing properties as these prescription medicines, making Bergasterol a natural option for cholesterol management. Bergamot has long been used for its anti-inflammatory effects, but new research supporting its ability to make total cholesterol lower, including lowering triglyceride levels and blood glucose, has medical specialists buzzing. More importantly, bergamot has also been shown to increase good cholesterol levels to support cholesterol management and promote cardiovascular health. Learn about clinical studies that have shown bergamot can lower cholesterol by up to 30%.

Citrus fruit Bergamot could be key to beating cholesterol

An Italian fruit Bergamot reduces “bad” cholesterol and improves “good” cholesterol, researchers say.

Scientists have claimed that it can even help patients taking heart pills to slash their dose, the Daily Express reported.

Research led by the University Magna Graecia in southern Italy showed that the could offer an effective alternative for people unable to tolerate statins, which have been hailed as a wonder drug for reducing cholesterol, the fat-like substance that furs up arteries, triggering heart attacks and strokes.
Trials in Italy on 237 patients showed that after 30 days using the fruit, total cholesterol levels were reduced by 38 percent.

Citrus bergamot has a distinctive aroma and is used in Earl Grey tea and perfumes.

The study has been published in the International Journal of Cardiology.


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