Citrus fruit Bergamot could be key to beating cholesterol

14 Agosto 2014 Off Di admin

An Italian fruit Bergamot reduces “bad” cholesterol and improves “good” cholesterol, researchers say.

Scientists have claimed that it can even help patients taking heart pills to slash their dose, the Daily Express reported.

Research led by the University Magna Graecia in southern Italy showed that the could offer an effective alternative for people unable to tolerate statins, which have been hailed as a wonder drug for reducing cholesterol, the fat-like substance that furs up arteries, triggering heart attacks and strokes.
Trials in Italy on 237 patients showed that after 30 days using the fruit, total cholesterol levels were reduced by 38 percent.

Citrus bergamot has a distinctive aroma and is used in Earl Grey tea and perfumes.

The study has been published in the International Journal of Cardiology.