The healing properties of 100% NATURAL BERGAMOT JUICE BERGASTEROL

The healing properties of 100% NATURAL BERGAMOT JUICE BERGASTEROL

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The healing properties of 100% NATURAL BERGAMOT JUICE BERGASTEROL

The juice of Citrus Bergamia Risso, or bergamot, has shown in dedicated medical studies a significant degree of cholesterol-lowering and antioxidant / radical scavenging activity. The study showed that with the intake of 100% natural bergamot juice there is an improvement in many parameters such as waist size, total cholesterol, triglycerides, Ldl and blood sugar.


bergamot juiceThe 100% natural bergamot juice, object of the studies, is used to counteract hyperlipidemia. It is very bitter due to the presence of naringin, but the reasons for its activity seem to be found in the content of the flavonoids. In particular, the effect would be attributable to the presence of two statin-like flavonoids called brutieridina and melitidina (present only in bergamot).
The healing properties of bergamot juice have a concrete action in case of Escherichia coli, listeria harmless, Bacillus subtilis, staphylococcus lactis, helicobacter pylori. But let’s take a deeper look at the components of bergamot juice and with medical literature in hand we reveal what it can do for our health!

100% natural bergamot juice contains:

Natural flavonoid, with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiangiogenic, antiallergic, antigotoxic and anticancer properties. Epidemic studies indicate that a diet rich in flavones would reduce the risk of some forms of cancer, in particular, breast, digestive tract, skin and prostate cancer. Apigenin has chemo-preventive and anti-inflammatory properties, apigenin in medical documents evoke the regularization of pigmentation, it can be a support for the treatment of vitiligo.

Studies carried out on diabetics have found the efficacy of this flavone in treating hyperglycemia, in the treatment of some neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, which is anti-inflammatory. The clinical uses of this flavonoid, its use is aimed at treating the fragile layers of blood vessels, finds practical application in chronic venous insufficiency, in therapy against internal and external hemorrhoids.

The literature attributes to this flavonoid a bioactive effect on health as an antioxidant, free radical scavenger, anti-inflammatory, carbohydrate metabolism promoter and immune system modulator. (Scavenger. Literally “scavenger” is intended to remove unwanted impurities). The latest studies published by UNIROMA (October 2020), La Sapienza, indicate the action to combat the coronavirus – covid19.

Composed of sweetening power and practically devoid of calories, the chemical compound is used in the European community (code E 959) as a sweetener, in bergamot it is a natural compound.

Natural flavonoid to which the reduction of swelling is attributed and is a catalyst for the metabolism of cellulite.

Unique statin-like flavonoid of bergamot that is, with activity similar to that of statins.

Another unique statin-like flavonoid of bergamot, with activity similar to that of statins.

On this page, as in all the content of the site, texts, studies and research are used, which are not intended to determine cure or solutions to diseases. For these reasons, the doctor’s opinion remains essential.

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