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Cholesterol-lowering agent with natural statins, anticancer

  • Cholesterol-lowering agent with natural statins, anticancer.

    Beware, there is a new cholesterol-lowering agent with natural statins, an extract of bitter bergamot orange juice. And while it does not have the same number of studies such as statins to demonstrate the effectiveness, two animal studies and four human tests point to its value in reducing LDL (so-called bad) cholesterol. At the same time, the bergamot extract appears to increase HDL (so-called good) cholesterol and protect the liver. Not bad for an orange.

    Two compounds bergamot, brutieridin and meltidin, have been studied for their statin-like effect. Both are classified as flavone glycosides, a group of natural antioxidant compounds that usually occur in small quantities in various plants, from fruits and vegetables for herbs. As a class, flavones glycosides show a lot of charitable work. Some are known to fight cancer, while others seem to improve brain function, all present in natural bergamot juice, the only manufacturer in the world, in Italy in the Calabria region. This category of natural compounds is attracting more and more scientific attention. Both brutieridin and meltidin occur in the extract to lower cholesterol. cholesterol-lowering, anticancer whit natural statins