At the origins of Bergasterol juice

At the origins of Bergasterol juice

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At the origins of Bergasterol juice

Here are the many reasons why cultivate this citrus plant that is gold for an Italian region

Deciding to fill your garden with fruit trees is always a smart move. These plants are not only very pleasing to the eye, but also produce delicious fruits to be consumed at the table or transformed in a thousand ways. Many fruits are perfect for preparing homemade liqueurs or for sweet jams with which to make breakfast more happy or enrich desserts. So here are the many reasons why cultivate this citrus plant that is gold for a region of Southern Italy.

The bergamot of Calabria

The properties deriving from the intake of this fruit are now well known to all. But there are also many good reasons regarding the cultivation of this citrus fruit. First of all, the bergamot reaches 4 meters in height. It produces beautiful white flowers that perfectly contrast the bright green of the leaves.
The flowers leave room for the production of fragrant fruits very similar to large green-skinned oranges. The benefits are therefore both visual and in taste. Here are the many reasons why cultivate this citrus plant that is gold for an Italian region with a hot and humid climate like Calabria.

How to grow it

It should be pointed out that bergamot prefers very hot climates (especially in summer) and not too rainy. It is no coincidence that in Reggio Calabria and its province entire expanses of bergamot populate kilometers and kilometers of greenery. Bergamot prefers humus-rich soil with a pH between 6 and 7.
Much better to place it in well filtering soils and not subject to particular stagnation. Generally better not to place it in environments that drop below 10 or 12 degrees. With these characteristics it is also possible to grow bergamot in pots.
It will not need to be watered during the winter. Frequent watering is not necessary either during spring or summer. For those who buy the young plant to be transplanted directly into the ground, we recommend specimens of at least one or two years of age. The more experienced can try a reproduction starting from the seed.

Which species of bergamot to prefer

There are mainly 3 species of bergamot. The most common is the Fantastico, which produces very large and tasty fruits. The variety of bergamot called Castagnaro is the most resistant to cold and wind, but with an often lower fruit production. Lastly, the Feminello Bergamot which produces fruits very quickly, but which requires some extra attention.

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