AICAL Association and Bergasterol a top product

AICAL Association and Bergasterol a top product

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AICAL Association

Bergasterol, protagonist for two decades

Success in terms of sales and always lively interest in bergamot juice – Bergasterol -. The product made by the AICAL Calabrian Producers Association, resulting from a strong intent to protect and enhance the typical in Calabria. “We could not miss the opportunity to best present a very simple product by donating it to the vast market and belittling it with aggressive and poor quality sales policies – says Adriano Scrivo, director of the AICAL group -“. “Bergamot juice, much appreciated in the medical field, capable of replacing pharmacological treatment on its own, must be accessible to the public with high quality extremes
Bergasterol, a protagonist for two decades, present in Italian homes with the aim of regulating cholesterol in a natural way and without contraindications.
Medical research in Italy and around the world attributes concrete properties against cholesterol.

The result of this research is 100% Bergasterol bergamot juice, made with citrus fruits from the Ionian coast of the province of Reggio Calabria with a cold pressing process without the addition of preservatives, dyes or sugars and with the citrus albedo Calabrian.

Bergasterol, a top product

Bergasterol in its years of uninterrupted production confirms an approval rating in the category above expectations, a top product.
The attention of consumers is particularly focused on the supply chain and processing methods, to guarantee the healthiness of the product. A greater awareness, therefore, about the healthy aspects of our juice, which go beyond the logic of downward prices.

AICAL based in Monasterace

The AICAL based in Monasterace (RC), is traditionally an Association that was born to protect and enhance the typical in Calabria, with its associates in addition to bergamot juice today it is also a commercial and production reality specialized in the transformation and marketing of oils essential, extracted from citrus bergamot.
Bergamot juices, jams and candied fruit. Derivatives and extracts for pharmaceuticals. The promotion activities are constant and intense to make the innumerable properties of citrus fruit known and appreciated internationally, which bear fruit only in a part of the territory of the Ionian coast of Reggio Calabria.

AICAL Association
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